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24 hour residential/commercial air duct maintenance services.

Discover the secrets to keeping air duct systems clean and well taken care of. These tips have been proven effective.

Testing air quality

Air quality testing is recommended as this is the only way to test the quality of air that you breathe at home. Contamination in air can be caused by various factors including growth of mold and bacteria. You may purchase an air testing kit and send the sample to a reputable laboratory for analysis. With this, you would know the quality of air and do necessary steps.

Proper way to clean ducts

When having your air ducts cleaned by professionals, two methods are usually used. They can either use a powerful vacuum that sucks dirt from the air ducts or use a special machine that vacuums dirt and wipes the inside of the ducts. However, Air Duct Cleaning Buena Park experts suggest to avoid cleaning methods that use steam as this is not good for your air ducts.

Cleaning your vents

Vent cleaning should be done when you feel that it takes time for your HVAC system to heat or cool your home and there’s a foul smell coming from your air vents. Having clean vents can greatly improve air quality and eliminate bad odor, as well as bring back the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Take care of air ducts

Air duct maintenance will benefit your health and reduce your expenses. When air ducts are checked, repaired and cleaned periodically, the quality of the indoor air will be excellent. As for your expenses, it's good to know that dirty ducts use 30% more energy than clean ones.

Keep dryer vents clean

Keeping the dryer vents in the kitchen or laundry room clean is necessary. Cleaning a dryer vent would mean that the dryer will work better and you won't run the risk of a fire and the dryer vent kitchen exhaust hood will better absorb the smells.

Don’t neglect broken air ducts

Damaged air ducts should not be ignored even if the overall system still seems to work fine. Even minor leaks can cause a big change not just in the electricity bill, but also in the overall air quality indoors. If you spot leaks or any form of damage, call for air duct repairs as soon as possible.

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